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‘I work out constantly but still can’t lose the weight. What am I doing wrong?’

‘I work out constantly but still can’t lose the weight. What am I doing wrong?’

Alexander is 45 years old and follows a strict regimen designed to get his body into better shape. He’s been working out five days a week and lifting between 175 to 220 lbs., but for some reason he still can’t lose the weight. Alex is not seeing results, and wants to know what he’s doing wrong.

My advice:

Alexander, you have a simple problem that has a simple solution. Your issue is that for a guy your age, you’re working out too much. Your daily regimen is exhausting your body, and it’s probably also making you consume more calories in your daily diet. Not only this, did you know that the number one reason men have low testosterone levels is from overworking their bodies? Over-exercise will decrease your testosterone levels like nothing else, and I see this happen all the time in my practice.

It’s not your fault! When you were younger, I’m sure your body didn’t have much of a problem being able to recover after a strenuous workout. However, now that you’re older, your body takes a bit longer to recover between workout sessions, and this needs to be taken into consideration when designing a workout plan that works for you.

You need to change the type of exercises you’re focusing on, and start cutting down on how often you work out during the week. Going forward, only go to the gym twice a week. This will give you enough time to work the muscle groups that need help, but not overwhelm your system either. Remember that there are two parts to the weight loss equation: increasing your exercise is one part; the other is cutting calories. Ironically, exercising more can lead to more hunger and more eating. The trick is finding a balance so that you can burn some extra calories while still trimming how much you eat.

When you do work out, spend more time working on exercises that keep your heart rate low. After the first twenty minutes of your workout, you should still be able to hold a complete conversation without losing your breath. After 45 minutes of working out, you should still be just a little out of breath. One way to do this is to start using the treadmill more often. Instead of focusing your energies on all that lifting that just wears you down; try doing more aerobics instead.

Dumbbells and kettlebells are fine in moderation, but focusing daily on these muscle groups alone will put unnecessary stress on your body, especially your joints. So, Alex, ease off a bit on exercise, watch what you eat, and you should start seeing positive results in no time.

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