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Why do men have balls?

Why do men have balls?

Let’s address the (not so) obvious: Why do men have balls? What do they do besides hang there?

We should start with what they don’t do, which is store semen. Contrary to popular belief-even among guys- the testicles aren’t where semen is kept and they don’t participate directly in orgasm. The testicles are the male version of ovaries-in fact, they are “built” from the same basic embryological tissue that ovaries are. And, just like ovaries, the testicles make hormones and sex cells-in this case, testosterone (primarily) and sperm cells. But whereas women are born with all the eggs they’ll ever have, guys start making sperm around age 13 and never stop (barring disease, of course). Making any individual sperm cell is actually an elaborate process that takes about two and a half months. Nonetheless, a healthy guy will pump out several hundred million sperm every day for his entire life.

Given the importance of testicles to the survival of the species, you might think it would have been wiser for Nature to tuck them well inside the body, just like the ovaries. Unfortunately (especially for guys who play contact sports), the testicle factories need to be air-conditioned. Yep-the sperm-making machinery simply shuts down if it’s raised up to normal body temperature. They need to literally swing in the breeze to keep them cool. (Unless it’s already cold out, in which case the scrotum contracts to hug the testicles close to the body.)

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