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Why do my joints hurt when it’s cold outside?

Why do my joints hurt when it’s cold outside?

For the past two years Dennis, 33, has been noticing an increase in joint pain in his
 elbows. The joint pain gets worse when it’s cold outside. To treat it, he’s been trying holistic medicine. He takes ginger for the inflammation and coenzyme Q10. These supplements help a bit, but aren’t enough. What can Dennis do about his creaky joints?

Harry’s advice:

Dennis, I’m going to tell you what’s wrong with you. Are you ready? You’re getting old. For everyone who says, “when it gets cold I have joint pain” you are now officially old.

Your joint pain may have been caused by the wear and tear of your years playing baseball, but it could be from other things as well. I also experience joint pain, especially in my knees. I work out and I play a lot of tennis and before I exercise or play a game, I take an anti-inflammatory to help me out. I take one tablet of Advil. If I don’t take it, afterwards I’m stiff as can be. I’m not in pain, just incredibly stiff.

I can’t diagnosis your elbow pain without seeing you and your elbows, but I can tell you about one of my sponsors, Anatabloc. Anatabloc is a holistic supplement that’s okay for  long-term use, so I think it’ll be perfect for you. It works with your body’s natural ability to treat inflammation. It’s made from anatabine, a compound found in eggplant, peppers, green tomatoes, potatoes and other plants and vegetables, and Vitamin A and D3. You take two tablets or lozenges three times a day. It doesn’t require a prescription and if you call 1-800-592-4980 you can try it for free. Call them and take the stuff and let me know how it works.

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