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Why am I always so tired?

Why am I always so tired?

I sleep six or seven hours a night and I’m healthy…Why am I always so tired?

Fatigue is perhaps the most common-and vague-symptom a man can have. The list of possible causes is long, but here are a few big-picture things to check: First, you may simply need more sleep. Research shows that on average, guys need seven to eight hours for optimal health. Next thing to consider is the quality of sleep. You might have sleep apnea, restless-leg syndrome, noisy neighbors, or some other problem preventing you from getting deep, restful sleep. Another thing: Your testosterone level might be below normal. The bottom line: Unexplained tiredness means something’s not right. Ask a doctor to find the cause-or causes.

Check out more of Dr. Harry Fisch’s advice as a men’s health panel member for Esquire Magazine at Esquire.com

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