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Why do my fingers hurt?

Why do my fingers hurt?

For about the last year, Daniel, 33, has been experiencing joint pain in his fingers. He exercises about four to six-times per week. He boxes, but he doesn’t do as much heavy lifting as he used to. He does grappling – chin-ups, dips, push-ups, etc. Is he just getting older or is there something specific causing his joint pain? And what can he do about it?

Harry’s advice:

You’re 33, if you’re old then I’m deceased. It’s not from old age, I can tell you that much. I’m 54-years-old and I worked out today. I do everything at the gym: 205-pound weights for seven reps, 180 pounds for 10 reps, three-minute planks. I’m just bragging, by the way. By tomorrow morning, I won’t be able to walk. I’ll be incredibly stiff.

To deal with my joint stiffness, I take anti-inflammatories. I take Motrin before I go to the gym or before I play tennis. Have you ever tried taking that? Do you take Motrin or Ibuprofen or something like that?

You like to go the more all-natural route, so you try vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 and you heard that mango has anti-inflammatory properties. Well, I can’t speak to that, but I can tell you about one of my sponsors, Anatabloc. Anatabloc is an anti-inflammatory supplement that goes with your whole holistic thing. If you give them a call at 1-800-592-4980, they’ll send you a free sample.

I want to make a point another point, though. Some times these joint pains maybe indicative of Lyme disease. Every time you go to the doctor, get tested for Lyme disease. If you have a specific joint problem, like yours, please go get tested. Sometimes joint pain is the only sign that you have it.

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