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Why can’t I ejaculate when I have sex?

Why can’t I ejaculate when I have sex?

Michael, 47, has a hard time ejaculating when he has sex. When he has sex with his girlfriend, also 47, he lasts forty-five minutes to an hour and even then he can’t always finish. Michael wants to know, why is it taking him so long to ejaculate?

Harry’s advice:

Michael, your girlfriend must be exhausted. No one wants to have sex for forty-five minutes to an hour. She’s probably about ready to jump out the window. She’s not going to stick around if this continues to be a problem, I can promise you that.

Do you know why you’re not ejaculating or taking so long to ejaculate? I bet it’s because you masturbate too much. How often do you masturbate? You say “a lot,” about five times a week. I bet you masturbate more than five times a week, am I right? What you’re experiencing is called retarded ejaculation. I wish there was a better name for it, but that’s what it’s called. The point is: retarded ejaculation is one of the least understood of all the sexual dysfunctions, but it happens a lot.

You masturbate too much and you probably also watch pornography. You know why this is a problem? It’s a problem because when you masturbate, you know exactly how to stimulate yourself. Your girlfriend doesn’t know all the tricks that you know. She can’t please you like you can please yourself. So, by masturbating a lot, you’re making it harder for your girlfriend to stimulate you. Also, if you watch porn, you’re probably becoming desensitized to what real sex is like. Porn sex is not real sex and it warps your thinking.

You know what the solution is? It may be a challenge, but it’ll change your life. Stop masturbating! Stop masturbating completely. Michael, I promise you that if you stop, your sex life will improve dramatically. Your wife will thank me and you’ll thank me. Trust me on this one.

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