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‘What’s causing my migraines?’

‘What’s causing my migraines?’

Peter has been experiencing excruciating migraine headaches twice a week.  They just started a couple of months ago. It’s a stabbing pain starting from the back and moving to the front, that doesn’t let up until he falls asleep. He hasn’t been to a doctor yet, and as far as he knows his diet and lifestyle are healthy.

My advice:

One out of four men experience these headaches, and a quarter of migraine sufferers get an aura before the headache hits. When I get a headache, I see an aura at the corners of my eyes that tells me a headache is coming on. If you’re experiencing this, it’s a good indication that you are indeed experiencing migraine headaches.  Fortunately, there are medicines called triptans that work very well to help control migraines.

Now, a lot of migraines can be caused when you eat certain foods. Something interesting about Chinese food is that the MSG it contains can actually trigger migraines.

But of course, stress and fatigue can cause migraines too, so if you’re feeling any of these symptoms, you are at risk if you have a history of having these headaches already.

A study came out last year that found that migraines can be caused when you have low testosterone. One man I helped had a migraine twice a month (which is a lot), but when his testosterone was increased, the number decreased dramatically.

So, in addition to seeing a doctor to get properly diagnosed, and maybe getting a prescription for a triptan, make sure you get your testosterone levels checked too. This is new information that your doctor may not even be aware of, so you should suggest this to him to make sure you’re receiving all treatment options available.

This is research associated with previous research on cluster headaches. The causes of these headaches have already been confirmed to be associated with low testosterone, but this is also something that can be cured through testosterone treatments.

A lot of these headaches are hormonally initiated. So check this out, and cut down on the Chinese while you’re at it.

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