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‘What foods do you recommend older men eat to stay in good shape?’

‘What foods do you recommend older men eat to stay in good shape?’

Spencer is a 6’1″ tall, 50-year-old, who is concerned about maintaining his health and losing some weight. He currently weighs about 215 pounds. He works out at the gym daily, but is finding his diet’s not so healthy. He’s been trying to eat almonds and trail mix during the day, but is wondering if there’s something healthier he should be eating instead.

My advice:

Your waist size is the barometer of your health. So if you’re experiencing central obesity, this can really be a barrier when it comes to maintaining proper weight. So, for your height and weight, as long as you’re keeping your waist size somewhere between 32 and 34 inches, you’re in good shape.

You know, just because you work out every day, doesn’t mean you get to eat whatever you want. A lot of people think trail mix is good for them, but it is actually very highly caloric. Almonds are also very high in calories – one ounce of almonds is about 160 calories and usually they’re so salty that you’ll end up eating twenty of them.

This is what I recommend for a healthy snack. I just came back from Saudi Arabia, and the food was amazing. One of the country’s biggest exports is dates. A lot of people don’t know this, but dates are unbelievably healthy, tasty and nutritious.

So rather than eating granola bars or trail mix or almonds, try eating dates. You can pick these up from any health food store. This fruit contains 26 calories, and contains a huge amount of fiber. So this fruit is better for you than any candy bar or trail mix you can imagine.

Then after eating some dates, eat an apple. This will fill you up, and I guarantee that you’ll feel healthier.

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