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What is causing my husband’s chest pain?

What is causing my husband’s chest pain?

Lindsay is worried about her husband, 28. He is stressed at work and his mood has changed, but worst of all, he sometimes clutches his chest like he’s experiencing chest pain. She can tell that his chest hurts, but he doesn’t want to talk about it and won’t see a doctor.

Harry’s advice:

You’re worried that your husband is having a cardiac event, like a heart attack. It says something about men and men’s health that you have to sneak in a call to me when he’s out. I’m glad you contacted me, but I wish your husband wasn’t so scared of doctors so he could call me himself.

When your husband has chest pain it tends to be internal pain. To him, it feels like an elephant is sitting on his chest or someone is tightening a belt around his chest. A heart attack is associated with additional pain going into his chin or left arm. In that case, you need to take him right to the hospital.

What’s more likely than a heart attack is that he’s experiencing acid reflux, or heartburn. People make a lot of acid in their stomachs when they’re stressed. The acid from the stomach gets backed up into the throat and the esophagus and that’s when people get heartburn. Sometimes the discomfort occurs more when they’re lying down. You say your husband seems to have more chest pain when he’s lying down. He needs to stay away from things that cause heartburn. Chocolate, coffee, over-eating, stress, not enough sleep, alcohol and cigarette smoke can cause heartburn. He needs to cut out any factors that are creating his reflux. He needs to eliminate coffee and alcohol and anything citrusy. He might also want to consider an over-the-counter anti-acid medication.

Your husband needs to see a doctor to make sure it’s an acid reflux issue and not an actual heart issue. You should also tell him that if he’s alone and he experiences intense chest pain, he needs to take himself to the hospital. I can’t diagnose your husband without seeing him and he really needs to see a doctor about this.

Listen to the call:

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