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What can I do about my severe insomnia?

What can I do about my severe insomnia?

Matt has had severe insomnia since he was twelve years old. Sometimes he can’t sleep for two or three days at a time. What can Matt do to help himself sleep?

Harry’s advice:

You should go to a doctor and have him or her check your testosterone level. People who have very low testosterone have trouble sleeping. Even if you have muscle mass, you may not have enough muscle mass to make you tired. After I exercise, I feel tired. When my workout is winding down, I feel like I’m going to fall asleep. If you don’t feel like this, you may have low testosterone.

You should try taking melatonin, it’s a supplement that helps with sleep. Also, make sure to block out all the light in your room. There’s always a little green light that’s coming from an electronic, so you need to turn everything off so there’s no light whatsoever. I turn even my TiVo off at night. Cover the windows; use blackout curtains if you have to. Just make sure there’s no light in your room.

People tend to sleep better when it’s cold in the bedroom. Keep the temperature in your room low. You can try taking a hot shower before you go to sleep. Taking a hot shower will lower your body temperature when you step out of it, which will make you sleepy.

You also need to stop drinking alcohol. If you drink something at seven p.m., it’ll relax you. That’s like a taking a nap. Whatever you do, do not take a nap and do not drink alcohol.

Lastly, make sure you only use your bedroom for sleeping. Do not chill out in your room. Go chill out in the living room. Don’t watch TV or read in bed, TV and even reading can rev you up.

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