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Walking Towards Better Health

Walking Towards Better Health

Lets face it, getting people to exercise has turned into big business. Between the late night infomercials claiming to have the newest and best products to keep you in shape, or the countless ads for new gym memberships, it can be difficult to figure out what exactly to do to stay fit.

Among all of these exercise methods, walking is the oldest, and still among the best ways to maintain fitness, and help eliminate a variety of health risks.

Scientists from Harvard University Men’s Health Watch conducted a study in 2009 that determined walking can reduce the risk of cardiovascular associated illnesses by 31 percent. Other health benefits of walking include, the lowering of cholesterol, high blood pressure, and triglyceride levels.

Also, if you are looking for new ways to loose weight, walking is still among the best ways to shed calories. Health experts at Yale University discovered walking for 30 minutes, at four miles per hour, can potentially burn up to 360 calories. Walking will also speed up your metabolism, which can help your body in storing less fat.

But even if weight loss isn’t your goal, walking can assist with eliminating serious ailments including, strokes, diabetes, and heart attacks. Walking can even improve your sex life by increasing blood flow to all vascular parts of the body, including the penile muscles. Poor blood circulation to the penis is what leads to male impotence, and walking can help combat this common sexual dysfunction.

Because walking is considered a low-impact exercise, it is ideal for those who are unable to do strenuous movements due to poor knees or other physical challenges. Walking is also an inexpensive and money saving way to stay in shape, as it doesn’t require anything but a good pair of walking shoes, and the desire to actually get started.

So if you are confused about how to begin your new exercise plan, just get outside and start walking. It’s really a great accompaniment to a healthy lifestyle.

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