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The test for testosterone — your waistline

The test for testosterone — your waistline

This week at my office, a friend of mine came by. He dresses inappropriately and you’ve seen the type: he wears his pants at the one yard line. At his age (45) it’s just not age-appropriate.

I told him I was going to measure his waist. The most important tool I have at my office is a tape measure. This is very, very important. Your waist should be half of your height, because if you have a big belly you may have a lowered testosterone level.  Fat acts like a testosterone sponge, taking it out of the blood and converting it to estrogen.

This patient told me his waist size was 31 inches, but I didn’t believe it and the tape measure confirmed it: his waist was actually 37 inches. If he was eight feet tall, that would be appropriate. But he’s 5’6”, and that means he should have a 33 inch waist.

My tailor taught me that every inch on your waist is another 5 pounds, so that means he needs to lose a total of 20 pounds in order to be healthy. In addition, he needs a fashion consultant so he can dress more like a man!

A lot of men are like this patient of mine, and measure themselves below the belly. You’re supposed to be measuring at your belly button.

So I want you to buy yourself a $2 tape measure and measure your weight. Remember your belly size should be half hour height. So if you’re 5’10”, your waist should be 35 inches. This is very important for your health, so don’t lie to yourself… and if your pants are too tight, try wearing something more age appropriate.

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