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Turbo charge your health

Turbo charge your health

It sounds too good to be true, but a pair of siblings specializing in nutrition have devised a diet plan that promises significant loss of body fat with a 100 percent effectiveness.A Denver Post columnist came across the book TurboCharged: Accelerate Your Fat Burning Metabolism, Get Lean Fast and Leave Diet and Exercise Rules in the Dust, by brother and sister nutritionists Tom and Dian Griesel. In the book, the Griesels declared the obesity crisis in the United States is due in large part to the traditional diet advice, which focuses on weight loss not fat loss.

“With most diets the body is running on sugar for energy but sugar burns out after 20 minutes so the body relies on lean muscle tissue,” Dian told The Checkup. “What we’re doing with TurboCharged is training the body to run on body fat.”

TurboCharged is an eight-step system, far removed from the typical diet and weight loss plans out there.

Though the Griesels choose to not divulge details of the eight steps, Dian said: “Step no. 1 – Forget everything you ever read about diet and exercise.”

With TurboCharged, dieters make drastic changes to their current methods of eating and exercise. First off – you’ll need to get rid of your gym membership.

Instead of spending an hour at the gym, Dian recommends doing one-minute body resistance exercises every two hours. The exercises, which can be anything from jumping jacks to squats, give the body a surge of energy. The mini exercise not only shocks your body but also gives you a mood boost.

“You are better off doing a one-minute workout than getting on a treadmill. This gets your body screaming and lets your body and brain know it cannot rely on muscle tissue for energy,” she said.

When it comes to eating, Dian said dieters need to realize just because they think they’re hungry doesn’t mean they are.

“Most people think they’re hungry but in fact they are incredibly thirsty. We tell people first thing in the morning drink four 16 to 32 ounce glasses of water because your body is dehydrated,” Dian said.

Instead of the typical suggestion to eat three-square meals with two snacks a day, Dian said after you’ve had your fill of water and still are hungry then its time to eat.

When you eat, instead of a “well balanced meal,” TurboCharged recommends micro meals that are either high calorie and high fat or low calorie and low fats.

“You would think if you have a very high calorie meal one day and low calorie meal the next, that’s how you’d get fat. But this diet is going back to evolution. We believe in the past man ran around earth eating fruits, vegetables and tiny insects, which are high in nutrients but low in calorie,” she said.

“Then there would be times when they were lucky enough to catch an animal or fish and they’d eat the whole thing including fatty organs. They wouldn’t be mixing meals.”

On low calorie days, Dian said diet could be restricted to 300 to 800 calories, though that isn’t recommended for more than three days, and should mainly include eating fruits and vegetables. On high calorie days dieters can eat meat.

No matter what dieters must avoid sugar-laden foods.

The key to success in this diet plan is following all the steps, Dian said. Though the book has only been on the market for a year and a half, the Griesels report 100 percent of participants who complete the program see significant weight loss.

The Denver Post columnist challenged her readers to do the diet. Ten readers from across the country stepped up to the challenge in September; eight completed the program and saw significant weight loss.

The average fat loss over the six weeks was 16.4 lbs. with an average of 3.5 lbs. of lean body mass gained and a combined total of 56.9 inches lost.

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