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The Risks of Steroids for Men’s Health

The Risks of Steroids for Men’s Health

Steroids, as other performance-enhancing drugs are used to boost athlete’s competitive levels and give more ability, resistance, strength and even confidence; but the use and abuse of these compounds has a lot of detrimental consequences that must be considered.

Impotence and infertility.

This is a consequence of anabolic steroids abuse. This drug affects your body by inhibiting the production of testosterone and making testicles smaller, stopping the sperm production; eventually causing impotence and infertility.

Uneven muscle growth.

Some body builders use anabolic steroids in order to build up muscular tissue, but if the exercising is slightly uneven, the probabilities of muscles growing asymmetrically turn very high.

Steroids generate an excessive amount of testosterone which can often be turned into female sex hormones. The results of this chemical process are formation of breasts, soft muscles and fatty deposits, among others.

Cardiovascular problems and high blood pressure.

Steroids anti-inflammatory attributes are very potent, but this asset has a down-side and the abuse of steroids can cause heart disease, failure and stroke, along with high blood pressure and other dangerous conditions.

Tendinitis and tendon rupture.

Tendons are made mostly of collagen fibers that are as flexible as they are strong. Taking steroids prevents the normal formations of collagen fibers, making tendons brittle; which results in tendon injuries and even rupture.

DHT is a genetic predisposition hormone responsible for androgenic alopecia and male pattern baldness; steroids increase the levels of this hormone, hence accelerating the hair loss process.

Liver problems.

Steroids can cause damage to the liver because of the cumulative effects of frequent use. Itching, nausea, dark urine and other unpleasant symptoms are signs of this condition called cholestasis, in which the liver leaks bile and enzymes into the bloodstream.

Kidney problems.

Continued use of steroids causes protein leakage into the urine which develops in a serious reduction of kidney function and glomerulosclerosis, a severe scarring in the kidneys tissue that occur when kidneys overwork.

Cholesterol imbalance.

The use of steroids also raises “bad cholesterol” levels and lowers “good cholesterol” levels causing several health complications.

Severe acne.

This is a consequence of the increased levels of androgens which make sebaceous glands secret more oil clogging pores.

Aggressiveness and depression.

The excess of testosterone caused by steroids can create behavioral changes, raising the levels of irritability, aggressiveness and depression.

The use of performance-enhancing drugs must be taken very seriously in order to maintain good health. No athletic deed is worth risking a life. If you are currently taking steroids or considering it as a possibility, please contact Dr. Harry Fisch, a certified specialist in men’s health who can provide you with guidance and superior patient care.

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