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The Secret to Losing Weight

The Secret to Losing Weight

“Dr. Sullivan is a game changing new voice in the psychology of peak performance…”
– Mark Sanchez, New York Jets

MIND MASTERY, from Harvard graduate and leading psychologist Dr. Sean Sullivan, is the ability to intentionally recreate the world that exists inside your brain and body to produce the life you want to live by strategically changing the connections between hundreds of millions of cells inside your brain and body and by growing new brain cells.

In 21 days, you will complete The Six Phases of Mind Mastery to become a Mind Master for Weight Loss

Beginning on Day 1, you’ll learn some foundational skills. Just as if you were building the mansion of your dreams from the ground up, you’ll construct a solid foundation to master your life. I’ll first show you how to BE IN THE MOMENT so you can turn off your stress and your anxiety while becoming aware of what is actually happening in and around you.

THEN, in PHASE II, you’ll learn how your own brain works and get familiar with how you personally process information. Mastering those initial skills will enable you to move on to PHASE III where you will learn exactly how your emotions are having a negative impact on you. #ey are the problem that currently stands in your way. You will learn to spot them and annihilate them.

In PHASE IV, you will learn exactly how to direct your reactions to your emotions so that you can act strategically to create the life you have always wanted while you lose the weight you want to lose. Then comes PHASE V when you identify any real remaining challenges to achieving your specific goal, while mastering how you proactively address the prior baggage that used to cause emotional distraction.

In your !nal assent to mastery, PHASE VI, you’ll be identifying and implementing the exact habits that you need to maintain in your daily life to achieve your weight loss goal. At the end of your 21-day journey, you will be holding your personal NEW LIFE MAP in your hands. You map leads to you achieving your goal while mastering your personally chosen greatness in your one life.

Are you ready to commit to a change? Get started on your Mastering Weight Loss Journey now.

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