Testosterone Replacement Therapy

testosterone replacement therapyMen all over the world from all walks of life get to a certain age in their lives and their testosterone levels can begin to drop.  This happens to every single man and no matter what lifestyle they live getting back to the strength and passion of the younger days is every mans want and desire.  Some of the symptoms of lowered testosterone levels in men can include things like:

  • Less Energy – Which means that you grow tired during the day and have less energy to want to go out and do things like you used to do.
  • Decrease in Muscle Mass – This means losing definition that would have come easily in youth, arms, legs, chest, back.
  • Less Sex Drive – This isn’t just an erection issue but it also includes having less desire to even want to have sex in the first place.
  • Mental Sharpness Decrease – Some men experience the feeling of forgetfulness and feeling like they are walking around in a fog.
  • Physical Activity is decreased – With the less energy this becomes an issue which means that you could stop doing some of the things you like doing, swimming, running, walking and working out.
  • Mood Swings – Feeling either really down and depressed or anxious or even having bouts of irritability which can cause problems in a relationship or friendships.
  • Weight Gain – This can be a byproduct of the less energy and physical activity not being as it used to be and in some men it could just happen weight increasing without the decline in physical activity.
  • Sleeping Issues – This could be both troubles getting to sleep and waking up frequently during the night after you have fallen asleep.

Men all over the world from all walks of life get to a certain age in their lives and their testosterone levels can begin to drop.  This happens to every single man and no matter what lifestyle they live getting back to the strength and passion of the younger days is every mans want and desire.  During a man’s lifetime it might seem that they go through a natural up and down but when a man gets older in his life the less the body makes testosterone naturally and that’s when if you are experiencing any of these signs or symptoms that you speak with your doctor or medical professional and see if Testosterone Replacement Therapy is something that should be considered.

You needn’t suffer with these symptoms any longer when you can have your doctor help with this type of thing. Lowered testosterone levels have been linked to some ill side effects in men as well including things like:

  • Hair Loss
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

testosterone replacement therapy

These are serious risks that should be addressed with your doctor right away so that you do not actually develop any of these serious side effects later on in life due to the low testosterone. When there is just something you can do about it with the Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

There has been much advancement in this therapy over the last few years.  When this therapy was just starting out it was only taken via intravenous injections in deep muscles like the gluteus region or the thigh muscles and had to be taken in increasingly higher doses and then the person would have to wean themselves down off the shots.  Today there are so many different ways to take it that it has made it more prevalent and easy to take. They started with a patch which was applied to the skin which fed a constant low dose of testosterone into the system this meant that you didn’t have to take the shots anymore which was good for a number of men all over the world.  Now, they’ve invented a gel which is wiped across the shoulders or chest area that is just as effective as the patches which means that you do not have to worry about a patch falling off or getting skin irritation from the patches themselves.

The gel has become very popular as of late and really has opened the doors for many men who have been feeling the ill effects of having low testosterone.  Instead of suffering the man can simply wipe the gel across his body and it’s clear and absolutely odorless and that means that no one has to know that you are taking it if you don’t want them to know.  The only issue with the gel itself is that it can transfer to another person if they come into contact with the site that you applied the gel to.  This can be an issue in women and children so making sure that you do not touch the applied area without clothing are important, this means that whoever comes into contact with the area should wash their hands or whatever other body part came into contact with the applied area immediately.   This really is the only downfall to the gel because its benefits outweigh the risks it should surely be considered as one of the best innovations that has been given in this treatment.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy can also include being taken in a pill form as well but it’s simply not as effective as the other means of application.  It has surely come a very long way in its design and the benefits of this therapy can be hands down a life saver for most men.  When a man ages it’s not typical for them to lose sight of how good life used to be when they had the energy to do what they wanted.  Men no longer have to suffer with the fact that they are getting older.  Some scientists are actually determining taking Testosterone Replacement Therapy can actually help reverse some of the effects of aging as well which is something that men and women both have been looking for since the beginning of time.  No one should have to suffer with feeling tired, gaining weight or having trouble sleeping anymore when they can go directly to their doctors and get the proper Testosterone Replacement Therapy for their body type and issues going on.  Imagine being able to live a life full and exciting once more without injections.  Testosterone Replacement Therapy can truly help with this.