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‘How can I pick up my testosterone levels?’

‘How can I pick up my testosterone levels?’

Kenny has low testosterone (down to 109), and is wondering what’s causing this problem. He has sleep apnea and has been using a CPAP device to help prevent it, but he’s wondering if this is connected to his low testosterone level.

My Advice:

Kenny, your testosterone levels are extremely low. The average level for guys is more like 600 (the average for women, just for comparison, is around 30). For a man, the lower limits of your testosterone level should be around 300, so a testosterone number of 109 is extremely low and means that something’s not right.

I’m glad you’re wearing the CPAP device for your snoring and sleep apnea, because it should help you sleep better and sleep is directly linked to testosterone. See, testosterone is produced by your body at night, in the deeper levels of sleep. So that could be contributing to your problem, though your level is so low I suspect something else may be going on.

Do you take codeine or a similar painkiller for back pain? If so, the medications may be lowering your testosterone levels and you should talk to your doctor about other ways to deal with the pain. And if you’re carrying around some belly fat, you should work to lose it because belly fat acts like a testosterone sponge, sucking testosterone out of the blood and storing it in fat.

But, Kenny, I think you need to get a blood test for prolactin and thyroid function, in addition to getting another testosterone test. If your prolactin level is elevated, you may have a pituitary tumor that is causing your hormone levels to get out of whack. It’s important to test thyroid function as well because low thyroid levels can also depress testosterone.

So keep working on the sleep apnea, try to eat a more healthy diet, start exercising, and go see a doctor to make sure there’s nothing more serious going on.

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