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‘Is it normal for my testicles to retract into my body during sex?’

‘Is it normal for my testicles to retract into my body during sex?’

When Marco has sex with his girlfriend, his testicles frequently retract into his body.  It doesn’t hurt too much during the day, but it does get painful when having sex. What should be done to alleviate this pain?

Harry’s Advice:

Marco, you bring up an interesting issue. When men are having sex, their testicles normally do retract and pull the testicles tight to the body. This is because you have a muscle around the testicles supporting them called premastaric fibers. Most men don’t even know this exists.

These fibers are most reactive in guys between the ages of 16 and 22. The testicles move up and down quite a bit at this age, but these fibers tend to weaken as you get older. However, this doesn’t happen to all men. For some adults, the testicles retract during sex. When this happens, they tend to go to a place called the inguinal canal. If this happens, it can potentially develop into a hernia. I’m not saying this is necessarily what you have, but you do need to get it checked out to make sure. If this continues to hurt or if you find out you are developing a hernia, we usually perform a procedure where we cut those fibers out so that the testicles don’t move up and down so much.

The point is, if your testicles hurt while performing a certain sexual position, then don’t have sex in that position. It’s that simple. I give the same advice to men with epididyimitis, or tenderness in the testicles. When they tell me they’re experiencing pain while crossing their legs or having sex, I tell them those behaviors need to be avoided. Try this out, but be sure to see your doctor if the pain continues.

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