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‘My Girlfriend’s Gained A Lot of Weight Recently. How Can I Get Her to Lose the Pounds?’

‘My Girlfriend’s Gained A Lot of Weight Recently. How Can I Get Her to Lose the Pounds?’

Patrick’s girlfriend has put on a bit of weight recently. He doesn’t want to hurt her feelings, but she isn’t looking as good as she did before. He’s concerned for her health, but more concerned that he’s finding he’s not as attracted to her anymore. How should he approach her on this delicate issue?

My Advice:

Patrick, this is obviously a very sensitive issue for women. Experiencing weight gain after settling into a relationship is actually a very common issue in couples, and could be a serious one.

I always say the barometer of a healthy relationship is the sex life. So if you’re not having good sex, chances are your relationship is not going to go anywhere either.

You need to talk to your girlfriend openly about this issue. It’s possible she might be depressed. It’s also possible that she’s not as into you as you’re thinking she is. Better to get this stuff out in the open now. If you still love her emotionally, then communicate to her that this is just a physical issue between you and her.

So tell her in a straightforward way that she needs to lose weight in order for you to be attracted to her, and the next step would be to suggest you two work out together. You don’t necessarily have to even go to the gym, taking long walks and runs together will do plenty for your health.

Also keep dieting in mind. Don’t eat breads, pizza, pasta, cookies or cake, and everything else you eat will be real food. If you can do this and limit your salt and sugar intake, she will be back to her supermodel days.

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