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Study finds eggs raise cholesterol, the good kind

Study finds eggs raise cholesterol, the good kind

You want to know what one food you can eat to get and stay healthy? It’s a cheap food and it’s easy to find. You can get it anywhere. Eggs!

A recent study in the Journal of Nutrition showed that eating eggs raises your cholesterol. But, not the bad kind of cholesterol that we used to think it raised. For years people have been saying to stay away from eggs. Turns out that that’s very wrong. Eating eggs raises the good kind of cholesterol you have. Yes, you have both good and bad cholesterol. Eating eggs can actually help your arteries stay clear.

It turns out that consuming 2 eggs per day does not increase a person’s lipid profile. It’s the saturated fats that raise your bad cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol like you get from eggs does not raise your bad cholesterol, but instead it raises your good cholesterol. One egg a day can also help with eye degeneration and blindness. Eggs may also help keep you from developing cataracts.

Every egg contains something called choline, a B-complex nutrient. Choline is great for memory. Eggs also contain the right kinds of fat for you. You need good fats in your diet. Eggs are also the only food that naturally contains vitamin D. Eating eggs has shown in some studies to decrease breast cancer rates by up to 44%. That’s truly impressive.

We always thought they were bad for us. They’re not. Consider eating more eggs. Egg yokes are what contain all the nutrients that are good for you, so eat more than just the egg whites. Eat eggs for breakfast. I don’t usually recommend people eat things like Egg McMuffins, but at least they have eggs with that important protein and nutrients in it. So, if you’re going to add one food to your diet, make it eggs.

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