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‘Is there any way we can spice up our sex life?’

‘Is there any way we can spice up our sex life?’

Gina and Farron are a couple with seven kids. They enjoy sex and like to try new things, including watching adult videos together. They want to know if there is more they can do to spice up their sex life.

My Advice:

Gina and Farron, you sound like a very sexually healthy couple to me. You rent and watch adult videos together, sometimes watching them before you have sex and sometimes during. But, the videos aren’t a necessity and you’re not relying on them, which is great.

You say you’re having sex 20 times a week, sometimes twice to three times a day.  Let me tell you, guys, that’s pretty astounding, particularly with seven kids!  But I hear Gina saying she’s worried your sex life is getting boring.

Well, that certainly can be an issue in any long-term relationship, but I gotta say, I think you two are doing all the right things.

It seems that using adult videos and fantasy have really helped your relationship. Gina, you say you like trying new positions and role-playing, though you draw the line at hardcore stuff like being tied-up. Farron, you say you love how inventive Gina is and that she’s willing to try new things.

So, really guys, as long as you’re communicating openly with each other, which it seems you are, and the adult videos and sex play is helping and not harming your sex life, I don’t see any problem in your relationship. I love you guys!

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