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Siggy Flicker Explains How Women Mess Up Relationships

Siggy Flicker Explains How Women Mess Up Relationships

Harry sits down with Good Morning America regular Siggy Flicker. Siggy is a professional matchmaker and relationship expert. Today Harry talks to Siggy about one of the biggest reasons that relationships fail: lack of effort.

Harry: Siggy, I want to talk to you about cheating. I get a lot of calls to my show about cheating. This is a men’s health and relationship show, so let’s talk about the man’s side of things. Why do men cheat?

Siggy: Men look elsewhere when they are dissatisfied with their current relationship. Men who cheat aren’t getting something they need; there’s a disconnect in the relationship. That means that the woman they’re with is doing something wrong.

Harry: Is it always women doing something wrong? A lot of the time I find that men have health issues that hurt their relationship because they can’t have sex. If a man has a premature orgasm after two minutes of sex, a woman isn’t going to have an orgasm in that time. A scenario like that is one I see all the time and it hurts the relationship. So, is it always the woman’s fault?

Siggy: I find that more often, it’s because people stop working on their relationship. It’s like a car, if you stop putting gas in the car, the car isn’t going to go from point A to point B. Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you can stop working at it. If women stop putting on the lip gloss, stop getting dressed, stop trying to look sexy, men are going to look elsewhere. Women have to keep trying to keep the sex going and to keep a relationship going.

Harry: So what do men do wrong?

Siggy: Not much. I’m actually on the side of men most of the time. Men want three things: sex, food, and a nag-free environment.

Harry: Sex, food, and leave-us-alone. It’s a joke, but it’s true! We don’t even need food. Give us sex and leave us alone.

Siggy: I see women during the day who get all dressed up to go to work. Then, they get home and they put on their sweats, pull their hair up, and take off the makeup. Men don’t want to see that, they don’t want to hear how “tired” their woman is. They want some “showtime.”

You can learn more from Siggy at Her most recent web seminar, “Why Are You Still Single,” began on August 22, 2012. Her past webinar, “The Love Picker,” is available to listen to at

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