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Should I give my cheating girlfriend another chance?

Should I give my cheating girlfriend another chance?

Jay, 24, has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for 4 years. He loves her, but he’s having a hard time trusting her. She stays out late, clubbing, and admitted to cheating on him with an NBA player. Should Jay give his girlfriend another chance?

Harry’s advice:

The problem is, you don’t know enough about your girlfriend’s cheating to know what you should do about your relationship. She said she cheated just one time and admitted it to you the next day. But, you’re not so sure that that’s true. Maybe she’d been cheating on you for months and the guilt built up so much that she had to come clean, but she lied and told you that it only happened once. Either way, what’s important is that she confessed.
You didn’t catch her. The fact that she actually brought it up to you may mean that she’s regretful.

I understand why you threw her out, though. You were hurt. I get that. But if the relationship is something you may want to reconcile, you need to talk her to her about it. Ask her how it happened, why it happened, and if it could happen again. If she can’t answer those questions honestly, then, yes, your relationship is doomed. You need to know why she cheated. It’ll be hard to hear her answer, but knowledge is power. You need to know why it happened.

Cheating fractures a relationship like a broken glass. You want to bring your relationship back together it’s like repairing that glass. There’s obviously something special about your girlfriend. Jay, you should know that cheating isn’t usually the thing that breaks up a relationship. Most couples can get through cheating. Keep in mind, she’s 24, like you. That’s really young. She’s still learning. Everyone makes mistakes.

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