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Sex During Pregnancy

Sex During Pregnancy

A woman’s attitude towards sex may change during pregnancy.

Some women are more interested in sex, while others have less sexual desire. Some men find pregnant women very sexy, while others may not find the changes of pregnancy attractive.

And some guys worry they’ll somehow hurt the fetus by having sex. On that score, you can relax: in most cases, having sex throughout pregnancy will not harm the fetus. (It may, however, actually help induce labor in the very last weeks of pregnancy.)

After the first few months, as the woman grows larger, you may want to try different sexual positions that are more comfortable for the woman, such as lying side by side, woman on top, or where the man can enter the woman from behind.

Only rarely should sex be avoided during pregnancy. If you have unexplained bleeding, if the amniotic sac has broken, or if the placenta has partially dislodged, sex is not advisable.

In addition, if you have a history of miscarriage, your doctor may advise you to avoid sex. In all cases, talk with your obstetrician or general physician and follow his or her advice.

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