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‘Can pregnancy occur even after a guy has a vasectomy?’

‘Can pregnancy occur even after a guy has a vasectomy?’

Sidney got a vasectomy two years ago, and is wondering if the operation did what it was supposed to. He thought there was no way he could have a child after getting this operation, but now an ex-lover that he only had sex with once is claiming she’s pregnant with his child. They had sex about a month ago, so Sid wants to know if it’s possible that he could have gotten her pregnant.

My advice:

Sidney, you say you got a vasectomy two years ago and had a semen analysis and your doctor found you to be completely in the clear. If this is true, then you’re right to insist on a paternity test before going any further with this lady.

It is possible that you had a botched vasectomy, but if the semen analysis showed no sperm, then it’s highly unlikely you could have fathered a child. If you said you had sex with the woman a month or so after your vasectomy, then that’s different. As all guys are told when they get a vasectomy, they have to continue to use birth control for several months until all the sperm in the vas deferens have cleared out. This is why guys need to return to the doctor after about two months for a sperm count. But once the doctor tells you your sperm count is zero, then you can have sexual intercourse without any form of contraceptive.

Now, Sidney, it is theoretically possible that sperm can reappear in the ejaculate after two years. This can occur if the vas deferens have somehow grown back together in a process called recanalization. But this is extremely rare — probably less than one in every thousand procedures.

In your case, it sounds to me that it’s most likely that she’s after something else from you. I suggest you talk to her directly, tell her that you had a vasectomy, and that there’s very little chance that having sex with her just a month ago could have resulted in pregnancy. Tell her you spoke to Dr. Fisch, and he says a vasectomy is pretty much bulletproof, especially after two years. If she persists, then demand a paternity test before going any further.

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