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‘My boyfriend refuses to take a shower. How do I convince him to clean up?’

‘My boyfriend refuses to take a shower. How do I convince him to clean up?’

Sienna’s boyfriend participated in ‘No Shave November’ in support of men’s health. But not only has he stopped shaving; he’s also stopped taking showers. Now she’s sick of sleeping next to a smelly guy, and wants him out of her bedroom.

My Advice:

Sienna, a lot of men don’t realize how important grooming and personal hygiene are to women. That’s why I wrote about this issue in my book Size Matters. Unfortunately, women usually need to take the initiative to get guys to clean up their acts and their bodies.

It comes down to my simple philosophy: LSD.

Women want to be listened to, they want to feel secure, and they want to be desired. When your man refuses to shower, this means he’s not listening to you. And when your boyfriend doesn’t listen to you, you don’t feel safe or desired by him.

What I want you to do is to go to your boyfriend and tell him: “Harry Fisch thinks you’re disgusting. If you keep on stinking like this, we’re not having any more sex.”

I have a feeling he’ll respond to this. But if he doesn’t, then that may mean that things aren’t supposed to work out between the two of you. Your self-respect is at stake here, so see if he’ll listen to you before making any more decisions. But if he isn’t willing to clean up, then you don’t need his stink around you any longer.

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