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‘What is this mysterious rash on my penis?’

‘What is this mysterious rash on my penis?’

Mike is concerned about a red bump that’s appeared recently on his penis. It appeared a little while ago, and hurts every time he touches it. It doesn’t seem to show any signs of going away.  He wants to know what it is, and how he can get rid of it as soon as possible.

My Advice:

Mike, it sounds like you have a genital wart.

The way you’re describing this: from tiny bumps to pus spurting out when you the area is irritated, a wart sounds like the most likely diagnosis. You need to see a dermatologist or urologist to get it properly diagnosed and treated.

If it is a wart they’ll remove it with a simple procedure. The area will be numbed so the removal won’t hurt and then it won’t bother you anymore.

It turns out that 95% of sexually active men have a wart virus, though the virus doesn’t always result in actual warts—the virus is often controlled by the body’s immune system.  So this is actually a pretty common issue. Even if you’ve never seen a wart come up before in this area, this doesn’t mean you haven’t had the virus for a while already.

As long as you’ve been sexually active, there’s a potential that you could have contracted the virus, and it lay dormant until just a few months ago when you first noticed the problem.

It’s also important to take care of this as soon as you can, because it’s also possible that you have something more serious than a wart.

You could have a bad pimple that contains a sebaceous cyst for instance. This is a non-cancerous cyst, but could potentially cause an infection if left untreated. Your mysterious bump probably is just a wart, but you really shouldn’t be taking any chances. So get it checked out and taken care of so you won’t have to worry about this anymore.

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