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‘I have painful urination, what should I do?’

‘I have painful urination, what should I do?’

Terry is finding urination extremely painful. His doctor has given him a prescription of Jalyn (a drug used to treat men with an enlarged prostate). It has helped manage his symptoms, but hasn’t cured his issues either. What should he be doing to get to the bottom of the problem?

My Advice:

Terry, you say you still urinate half a dozen times daily, but at least the pain has stopped now that you’re taking Jalyn. Jalyn is a combination of dutasteride and tamsulosin. These are drugs used to treat an enlarged prostate and increase the outflow of urination. The drugs work by relaxing the muscles around the prostate so that your body has an easier time pumping urine out from your system.

But the fact that you’re still experiencing pain suggests that an enlarged prostate isn’t your only issue and that the drug isn’t solving the real problem. My concern is that you may have an infection, especially if you’re still feeling a burning sensation when urinating. It’s easy to test for an infection — it’s called a urine culture — and I recommend that you get this test before deciding to take any other medications. This is something your doctor didn’t do before prescribing the Jalyn, but should have.

You should also get your prostate checked as well as a urine analysis test to see if an enlarged prostate is really the issue here. If it is, this can be easily treated. Sometimes a prostatectomy is necessary, but most times a simple prescription will solve the problem. Remember, don’t use any drugs until you’ve been properly diagnosed, or you can make your problems worse.

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