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Can being overweight lower my testosterone levels?

Can being overweight lower my testosterone levels?

A beer belly might be good for balancing your bottle, it’s not good for a high testosterone level.

For men, being overweight or obese – especially in if you carry excess weight in the abdomen, thighs and legs – could mean you’re more likely to have abnormally low levels of testosterone.

Research shows that the linkage between testosterone and obesity is tight. A study conducted at the University of Buffalo’s Department of Medicine in 2010 found that testosterone levels had a direct correlation to Body Mass Index (BMI), where testosterone fell dramatically as BMI scores increased.

Another study in 2006 showed that in 2,100 men over age 45, the likelihood of having low testosterone was 2.4 times higher. Not to mention, men with very low testosterone are already at a higher risk to become obese.

What’s more is that fat cells are also believed to readily convert testosterone into estrogen, which can be stored in the body for future use. One thing estrogen is known for is its fat storage properties. Unlike testosterone – which cannot be stored in the body – estrogen is not able to undergo a reverse transformation back into testosterone.

In addition to declining testosterone, excess body fat or obesity comes with greater risks for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and weak bones.

Low testosterone levels already do their part to increase body fat, so maintaining a healthy weight can help to check the inevitable decline of testosterone levels as you age.

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