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Online Dating Tips For Guys

Online Dating Tips For Guys

Ouiser Boudreaux, 28, is a blogger from Annals of Online Dating. She’s going to share her experiences with dating—both online and “real.”

Harry: What do you look for in a guy’s profile?

Ouiser: I look at what he reads because I like a guy who is smart. I look for guys who are funny and charming. If a guy’s profile is full of spelling mistakes, that’s not okay. Another big profile red flag is when you see a guy who won’t date women his own age.

Harry: Ouiser, why have you not met the right guy and settled down?

Ouiser: I’ve had a series of great relationships, but I’m not in any hurry.

Harry: Did you get burned? Do you end them or do they?

Ouiser: I mostly end them. If it’s not the right fit, why keep going? I haven’t met the guy yet who I want to make a lifelong commitment to. I’m 28, in New York that’s still young.

Harry: I’m a fertility doctor. I don’t want to worry you, but the best time to have a family is in your late twenties.

Ouiser: I don’t want kids, but I do want a partner to have adventures with.

Harry: What’s the best part of serial dating? How many men do you date in a month and how many do you have sex with?

Ouiser: Getting to go on a lot of dates with interesting men is heartening. Women complain that there are no good men in New York, but I’ve met tons. I date about 10 men in a month, but I have sex with few.

Harry: Why are these men turning you off?

Ouiser: If we don’t have smooth or easy conversations, that’s a turn off. If he’s not funny in person, or if he’s socially awkward, those are also turn offs.

Harry: OK, so I think I’ve got it. Guys, if you’re setting up a profile on an online dating site, remember to show that you’re smart, funny, and charming—and use a spell-checker. If you’re a 40-year-old guy, don’t say you only want to date 20-year-olds. Then, when you go on the date, don’t try too hard, listen more than you talk, ask questions, relax. And don’t expect to get laid.
How can I lower my blood pressure?

Robert, 60, has high blood pressure. He takes medication and measures his blood pressure at home twice a day. He thinks he’s doing everything right, but his blood pressure is still high. Sometimes it’s 128 over 72, but lately it has been has high as 136 over 90.

Harry’s advice:

First of all, Robert, 128 over 72 is pretty good. Perfect blood pressure is about 115 over 70. Mine is usually around 120 over 75, which isn’t bad, either. But, I agree that 136 over 90 is too high.

In my office, I check my patient’s blood pressure three times. Invariably, the first time it’s higher than the second time, and the third time is usually the lowest. It’s called “white coat hypertension”—people getting nervous in a doctor’s office and their blood pressure goes up. So, first of all, relax before you take your blood pressure. The best time to check your blood pressure is in the evening, when it’s quiet.

But if your pressure really is high, there are several things you could try doing to lower it. First, watch your salt intake. Salt raises your blood pressure because it makes you retain fluids. So don’t add salt to foods—and don’t eat a lot of processed foods—they’re loaded with salt. Second: exercise more. Exercise does all sorts of good things for you, but one thing, in particular, is that it opens up your blood vessels, including the ones that feed your heart. That keeps them flexible. When your blood vessels become stiff, your blood pressure rises.

When my blood pressure goes up too high, I lift weights. I work especially on the muscles from the waist down—quads and glutes. Those are big muscles and working them out gives you a great cardio workout as well as building strength.

So, Robert, remember these three steps: cut the salt; exercise more; and take your blood pressure in the evening when you’re not stressed.

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