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‘I’m overweight and binge drinking and it’s affect my sex life … what should I do?’

‘I’m overweight and binge drinking and it’s affect my sex life … what should I do?’

Louis from St. Louis is 24 and weighs about 350 lbs. His father, who weighed 420 lbs, died at just 48 years old from coronary heart disease, and Louis is afraid this condition might be hereditary. Now, his weight and drinking are affecting his sex life and he doesn’t know what to do.

My advice:
Louis, you have a very serious issue. About 60 million Americans are obese, and the health concerns caused by excessive weight gain are tremendous.

You are also binge drinking on the weekends, which can cause liver problems, sleep apnea, and bring testosterone levels down to unhealthy levels. Testosterone is the barometer of a healthy sex life, and high weight gain coupled with drinking can wipe out sex drive, even at a young age.

Louis, if you can’t lose the weight, you leave your body prone to serious issues, including coronary heart disease and liver failure. The good news is that most weight gain is not hereditary. But, this also means that you can’t blame your father for your problem.

Instead, you should be making positive lifestyle choices now that support losing weight. This includes eating right and staying away from the beer.

The five foods you need to avoid most are breads, pizza, pasta, cookies and cake.  Foods containing high amounts of sugar or salt can be substituted instead for healthy fruits and vegetables during meals.

Changing diet and quitting drinking cold turkey is a necessity in order to bring your diet under control and your testosterone back up to healthy levels. In order to ensure you treat your body right, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preventing unhealthy behaviors is the only way to go.

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