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If I cheat, why am I not okay with her cheating?

If I cheat, why am I not okay with her cheating?

Daniel, 26, was in a relationship for four years and he cheated on his girlfriend for all four of those years. His girlfriend cheated on him once and he couldn’t forgive her, so he broke up with her. Why does he thinks it’s okay to cheat, but can’t deal with his girlfriend doing it?


Harry’s advice:

Daniel, the bottom is line is that she mirrored your behavior and you don’t like your behavior. You don’t like you. So when she acted like you, forget it! You couldn’t stand it.

The question is, why are you cheating all the time? I think it’s because you’re young and you’re afraid of commitment. Also, your girlfriend practically gave you the “okay” to cheat. She forgave you, so why should you stop cheating?

Maybe you were looking for an excuse to break up? I think you’re right when you say you “wanted to have [your] cake and eat it to.” That’s exactly what you wanted. I’m sure your ex-girlfriend is a fine woman, but maybe you’re not ready for a long-term relationship when you’re 26. Maybe if you’d been 30 when you’d met her, things would have turned out differently.

Be honest with yourself, you’re not ready for a long-term relationship. You say you’d want a long-term relationship if your girlfriend were a supermodel. Daniel, you’re living on Fantasy Island. Come on and grow up. You’re not getting Sofia Vergara.

When a woman breaks up with you because you were constantly cheating on her and then you come back with the response that you don’t want her back, you want a supermodel, it’s obvious that you want women purely for physical reasons. You just want to have sex. You don’t even want to talk to them. You don’t respect them. Not respecting women shows that you don’t respect yourself. You cheated and then broke up with your girlfriend for doing the same thing because you didn’t respect her.


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