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I can’t get rid of my beer belly!

I can’t get rid of my beer belly!

Nathan is 5’9” and 29 years old and 15 pounds overweight. He doesn’t drink alcohol, but has somehow developed a “beer belly” anyway. He’s wondering what he’s doing wrong, and what steps he can take to get rid of his paunch… and get back into shape.

Harry’s advice:

Here’s what you do Nathan, it’s very simple: remove breads, pizza, pasta, cookies and cake from your diet. You don’t want to eat any of this, because none of these are food. The reason you’re always feeling hungry is because you’re just eating filler, not real food. So of course, you end up eating too much of the wrong foods, and you’re paying
the price by developing extra fat around your middle.

Luckily, this is an easy problem to fix. Instead of eating these fillers, you can take some simple steps to improve the quality of your meals. For instance, instead of eating doughnuts and bagels for breakfast, you could eat eggs and oats. If you’re going to eat bread, then eat healthier multigrain items like pumpernickel bread.

For lunch, have a salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. If you need a snack, try eating carrots or an apple. And remember not to add salt or sugar to what you eat. As long as you’re cutting out these items, you’re already halfway there.

For dinner, try and eat seafood and lean meats. Salmon for instance, is a great source for both protein and omega 3 fatty acids. The point here is that if you cut your carbs and increase your physical activity even a little bit, you’re going to slowly lose that extra weight—and you’ll feel better as well.

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