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‘My husband’s ex-girlfriend won’t leave us alone’

‘My husband’s ex-girlfriend won’t leave us alone’

Ron is still friends with his ex-girlfriend. Kelly doesn’t mind them being friend but thinks his ex has crossed the line. Ron’s ex works for him but Kelly says his ex is interfering with their relationship by showing up to the house all the time and throwing out food Kelly cooks. Ron’s ex even has keys to their house. She’s furious about this, but he thinks the whole situation is funny and that she’s acting crazy. Kelly wants Ron’s ex out of the picture, but Ron claims he needs her to help with his business. Should Ron’s ex be out of this couple’s life?

My Advice:

Ron, I don’t care if you do or don’t want to have sex with your ex. The point here is that your wife doesn’t like it. So in order to save your marriage, you need to get your ex-girlfriend out of your life. Frankly, you are being an idiot here by not listening to your wife.  How would you like it if the tables were turned and she had an ex-boyfriend working in the house all the time?

The mature way to handle this is for you tell your wife that your ex is out of both of your lives, and forbidden from coming into the house. Kelly, can you please tell Ron how you feel?

Kelly: I can’t take this anymore. You need to get rid of your ex or I’m leaving.

Ron: OK…I hear you. If you really want my ex gone, I’ll let her go.


Excellent Ron! And I don’t want you worrying about how this girl is going to take it; her problem is not your problem. You need to focus on saving your marriage here. You two probably need to go to therapy because Ron doesn’t seem to be taking your marriage very seriously.

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