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‘My husband had all his hair removed. Is he gay?’

‘My husband had all his hair removed. Is he gay?’

Candace is having trouble with her marriage. Her husband got electrolysis done on his body hair and she no longer finds him attractive. She’s wondering, could he be gay?

My advice:

I can’t believe he took all of his hair off! That’s weird. Chest hair, pubic hair, even his facial hair is gone. You think he looks like a little baby, is that what you’re saying? Like a martian? He doesn’t look as manly to you.

Some women are attracted to body hair. You know why? Oils stick to body hair and give off an odor, a musk, that some women find alluring. The theory is that your body gives off pheromones, a scent that attracts the opposite sex. Why do you think women wear perfume? They went to smell more attractive to men.

But, I’ve got to stop you right now. He’s your husband. It’s too bad he got it done and that you don’t like it, but you’re married now and you have children. So, I think there’s something else going on. I think that this is about more than just his hair, or lack thereof.

Candace, you say you suspect that he’s gay. Before the electrolysis, he would steal your razors and shave off all of his facial and body hair. Now you haven’t had sex in months. Let me tell you something, guys want to have sex. They’ve got to have sex because of their testosterone level.

I’m not here to hurt you, I’m here to help you. I hate to tell you, but I think your husband is getting sex from someone else or he’s having sex with himself. But, my inclination is that your husband is having sex with other men. The last time you asked him if he is gay, he stormed out of the house and didn’t return for 3 days.

He sounds very narcissistic. He’s got his north, south, east and west shaved. Everything is shaved and your suspicion is very important. I want you to have your husband call me. You stick with your guns because you’ve got to know if your husband is gay.

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