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‘My girl friend is jealous of my girlfriend’

‘My girl friend is jealous of my girlfriend’

Avery, 21, is having problem’s with his girlfriend’s roommate. The three of them used to be good friends, but as soon as Avery started dating one of them, the other has disappeared from his life. Now she’s acting like she wants to move out. How can he rectify things with his old girl friend while keeping his new girlfriend?

My advice:

Did you have a sexual relationship with the roommate? No, you had an emotional one. Women take emotional relationships very seriously. Forgot about a sexual relationship, women think having an emotional relationship with another woman is cheating.

That roommate wants to be a relationship with you. She’s jealous. Just out of curiosity, why did you pick your girlfriend over the roommate? You like her because she’s more emotionally stable. That’s understandable.

What do you want? I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t get this. Who did you meet first? You met the roommate first and you work together. Why did you get yourself in this position in the first place? You’ve dug yourself into a ditch and you’re asking me how to get out.

Listen, there is no solution to this. This is not an easy situation to get out of. Somebody once said to me: a smart person knows how to get out of a problem, a brilliant person knows how to not get into the problem in the first place.

How about you have your girlfriend move out? I’m telling you right now, it’s not going to work out. There’s going to be a fight. You can’t have an emotional threesome. Your girlfriend needs to move out, the roommate needs to move out, or you need to break it off. This isn’t going to end well otherwise. I’ve got to be honest with you, you’ve got to end this relationship until your girlfriend and her roommate work things out.

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