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My body won’t produce sperm and I want to have kids, is there a cure for azoospermia?

My body won’t produce sperm and I want to have kids, is there a cure for azoospermia?

In 2004, a car hit Scott during a hit-and-run accident. His injuries hit his pituitary system and damaged it to the point that it no longer functioned. His testosterone bottomed out. He found a doctor online and his “solution” made Scott’s testosterone level skyrocket to 1,500. He wants to have children, but the accident left him azoospermic. What can he do to get his sperm back?


Harry’s advice:

1,500 was way too high and that’s what happens when you take testosterone through an outside source, like through an injection, shot or suppository. The excess testosterone actually shuts down your system even more.

In the pituitary system, the brain sends signals to the testicles to tell them to produce sperm and testosterone. Now your testosterone is at 400 after your urologist gave you clomiphene citrate, an anti-estrogen that blocks the receptors in the pituitary. With clomiphene citrate, your pituitary can now send more signals to your testicles. Here’s the thing, if you took clomiphene citrate and your pituitary is functioning again, I question whether you really had a pituitary problem to begin with. If you’re taking clomiphene citrate and it increased your testosterone that means your pituitary is functioning.

The azoospermia could be because of a different condition. You want to know about gene therapy for people who are azoospermic. Being azoospermic means there is no sperm in your ejaculate. I hate to tell you this, but there is no gene therapy for azoospermia. The one hormone you need is testosterone to make the testicle make sperm. The testosterone is like the gasoline. You don’t need to take injectable testosterone. What you need is medication that helps your body produce its own testosterone.

I don’t think your pituitary is related to your azoospermia. It could be a bunch of other things. It could be other testicular failures and your other hormones need to be checked. The testicles should also be checked. You could have a blockage, an infection in the testicles, or a lot of other things. Of course, it could be genetic as well.

Go to my website, manupabouthealth.com, or to the American Urological Association website, where you will find a directory of doctors that treat male infertility. Go see a fertility specialist to get your testicles and hormones checked. You might be able to produce sperm again with the right treatment.

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