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What are the most common STDs?

What are the most common STDs?

Most people today are familiar with some STD’s, but which ones are the most typical among men? 

Chlamydia for starters is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases, effecting high percentages of men ages 20 to 24. A recent study showed one out of three people who had the disease didn’t know they were infected.

Gonorrhea is another common male STD, being the second most reported infectious disease in the U.S., and its also one of the easiest to pass on to your partner.   Symptoms may include burning sensations when urinating, as well as fluid discharges from the penis’s urethra. Untreated Gonorrhea can also lead to male infertility.

HIV/AIDS has received the most attention in recent years, and has become the most feared of the sexually transmitted diseases. Nearly 18,000 people die per year in the United States from this disease according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and over half of these patients are men.

Even though one can develop the disease immediately after contact, symptoms can take up to 10 years to surface, which is one of the main reasons HIV testing is extremely important.

Unlike HIV/AIDS, modern medicine has been able to develop effective drugs to treat Syphilis, but  new cases among men have been on the rise. The national Syphilis rate has increased to 11% in recent years, according to the CDC.  Untreated Syphilis in its late stages can cause serious health risks, such as damage to the heart, brain, nervous system, and can even lead to death.  Catching Syphilis can also increase your chances of catching HIV.

Also incurable and common among men is Herpes simplex virus-2. Symptoms can surface a lot sooner than other STDs, and outbreaks can occur within  one to two weeks after infection.  Without a cure, Herpes can only be managed, and with the use of certain medications, outbreaks can become less frequent over the course of a couple of years.

Of course the likelihood of catching any of these diseases are dramatically lessened by the use of a condom, and early treatment is your best bet for managing or curing an STD, so don’t be hesitant to get tested.  It’s always better to know.

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