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Morning Erections

Morning Erections

Have you ever wondered why you wake up with an erection?

The truth is early morning erections are actually called Nocturnal Erections and they happen during the night when you sleep. An erection occurs during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase of sleep when you tend to dream.

Although it may seem logical to associate morning erections with erotic dreams, they are really caused by neurological simulators that allow blood to flow to the penis. The average male will have four to five sporadic erections throughout the night, and the last erection is the one that you’ll notice in the morning.

Not having a morning erection is an indicator of low testosterone levels, or a lowered libido, which is the psychological component in your sex drive. You can check your testosterone levels by undergoing a simple blood test from your doctor, which will determine the amount of hormones you have.

Nocturnal erections differ from day time erections, or being hard from sexual arousal. Since the body has less physical stimulation at night then during the day, the bodies natural healing mechanisms kick in, which allow internal organs to receive increased blood flow. During the day most men are able to control this raised surge of blood to the penis, however at night, your controls are turned off, thus giving you several involuntary erections during sleep.

In rare cases men may experience pain during a morning erection. This may be caused by an infection in the urethra, prostate or bladder. Morning pain coupled with blood in your semen is another sign of infection in these areas.

Most men will have a morning erection throughout their lifetime, and frequency may vary depending on age. If you are consistently not having an erection when you wake, visit a urologist. They will be able to determine and rule out any physical problems, as sometimes morning impotence can be caused by emotional reasons as well.

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