Mens Health

mens health

Men’s health has hit the mainstream. Gone are the heavy meals, endless days of not exercising and lack of stress. In return men live long healthy and happy lives with no worries. Now, in reality that is all a lie. Men’s health is only starting to get noticed like it should, most men still do not eat well and do not get enough exercise. In today’s digital age, stress has taken the drivers seat in many men’s lives and while the gap between men and women longevity is shrinking there is much more that still needs to be done.

Quiet no more

Most men were raised the same way, never talk about what might be wrong. The problem is that this idea leaked into men’s health and how they seek treatment. Treatment can be everything from routine medical checkups and screenings to general everyday health such as exercise and eating right. These are not new issues of course, but ones that in today’s day and age can be changed. Medical advancements, information and treatments are at a all time high, men can live even longer healthier lives if they were more willing to simply see their doctor.

For instance did you know?

Men younger then 40 should see their physician every 3-5 years for a routine physical. Between the ages of 40-50 every two years they should see their physician and over 50 every year.

Men should have their blood pressure checked over the age of 18 every year. Cholesterol every year over 35 and blood sugar every year over 45, men’s health is ever changing. Because of the natural changes that take place in the human body these changes should be monitored.

Number crunching

The wonderful fact is that many men’s health threats are not only treatable but avoidable. Lifestyle changes including eating healthy, physical activity, removing risky behaviors even changing your sex life can have great advantages to living a longer healthier life. For instance 46% of the population does not get enough exercise. In the remaining 54% of the population, less then 11% report hard exercise that boosts the heart rate. Studies go on about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

mens health

Just from exercising alone

• Exercising reduces the risk of gaining significant weight
• 2 hours of exercise a week lowers the risk of hip fracture by 28%
• Physical activity for those over 65 reduces the risk of cognitive decline
• 40 and over, you can reduce your risk of stroke by 31% with exercise

Exercising is not a new idea, back in 1873 Edward Stanley wrote “Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness”

Real risks

Cardiovascular Disease (Heart disease and stroke) are the leading causes of heath in men. Cardiovascular disease, cholesterol builds up blocking arteries in the heart and brain. This build up can lead to blood clots which in turn can block a artery causing a heart attack or stroke.

Lung Cancer happens 90% of the time from smoking, it is by and far one of the most avoidable men’s health issues there is. It is the leading cancer killer in men even to this day. Quitting smoking reduces the risk of lung cancer; luckily there are many new treatments in quitting smoking.

On the topic of cancer, Prostate cancer is a very common cancer and roughly 200,000 men each year develop some form of prostate cancer. Prostate screening is the first line of defense and stay on top of this issue.

Diabetes still is among the top health issues for men as well. Excess glucose builds up and begins to poison the blood. Being overweight, poor exercise and high stress can all be attributing factors. Proper tests can help check for diabetes and with a healthier diet and exercise diabetes is very treatable.

Most of these health risks can be treated through proper diet and exercise (see a theme here?) Some health risks are completely avoidable with changes in lifestyle. Yet still many men struggle with this. The attitude that it could never happen to them has lead many men to be blindsided with health issues later in their life. So how do we get men up off the couch, out from behind the computer or even just start seeing their doctor on a regular basis? Change how we think of health. Start seeing the benefits first hand on what a simple diet change can do, or what a few hours a week of exercise can do. Maybe you lack enough energy come the end of the day; perhaps Testosterone Replacement Therapy will work for you. Maybe you’re not informed or maybe you do not believe it can happen to you. What ever the excuse on why you can not does something, or why you do not think it will affect you, the first thing that needs to be changed is how you see the risk factors and understand the changes that need to take place.

But it is so simple

Men’s health can greatly improve with exercise. Seems too simple to be true right? For some motivation is a issue, and if everything you just read does not motivate you enough, then perhaps this will; would you rather live a long happy life or a short miserable one? With a average life expectancy of about 78 years old that might not seem old for some but with medical advances this number has raised up from the global average of only 67.

2 hours a week worth of vigorous exercise (were the heart rate reaches an optimum level.
A diet change that includes low fat and low salt foods along with exercise can make a dramatic difference in men. (Not just men as women can benefit as well)

Proper medical checkups, follow ups and treatments for health issues.

Three very simple lifestyle changes can not only improve your health, but improve your way of life as well. Think what an extra 20 years could do for you and your life. That is the difference between dying at age 50 from something that is completely treatable.