Men’s Health And Sex

mens health and sex

Unfortunately, while the majority of adult women are likely to seek out sexual information and facts from their doctor, men are very reluctant to discuss the issue. In comparison to women, men are also less likely to discuss their sexual concerns with their fellow gender.  As a result, many men are often left to wonder about critical and intimate issues that are common to men, particularly questions about male sexual performance anxiety symptoms.

Often too embarrassed to discuss sexual health issues with their doctor or friend, the internet has given men the opportunity to research their sexual health questions and concerns in a private way. Realizing this fact, some doctors have setup websites to discuss sexual health issues and answer sexual questions that most men would be too embarrassed to ask in person. Although the internet can provide a wealth of valuable information it is important that men are able to discern between a website that is presenting false information and one which is reputable.

Men’s sexual health issues range from a variety of topics. Some of the most common topics include condoms, STDS, erectile dysfunction, libido, and genital health disorders.

Condoms are a commonly used form of contraceptive that is also useful in reducing the probability of pregnancy and the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases. Once it is placed on the male’s penis it acts a barrier device to stop the ejaculated semen from entering the body of a sexual partner. The popularity of condoms as a method of birth control is due to their ease in use, effective results, and relative in expense. Despite their popularity in modern times, condoms have generated some controversy due to disagreements over if children should be educated about their use in sex education classes in school.

mens health and sex

Perhaps the most discussed sexual health issue and certainly the one that results in the most distress, sexual transmitted diseases are every man’s concern. Unfortunately, there is much ignorance, false information and ignorance about most STD’s that has resulted in unnecessary fear and unhealthy decisions. It is important that men are educated about how sexual transmitted disease are spread, their symptoms, and their effects. Only through education and awareness can men make the correct preventative measures as well as make healthy and intelligent decisions regarding treatment.
Erectile dysfunction and male libido is another common topic regarding men’s health. Many men find it particularly embarrassing if they struggle with this issue and are therefore unlikely to ever discuss it with a doctor or even friend. Pharmaceutical advances in the past decade have provided men with solutions to fixing this problem or condition. Solutions include taking the popular Viagra pill before having sexual intercourse or through natural sexual health products and remedies.