Mens Health And Fitness

mens health and fitness

In the hot and dry land of the African plains, The Kalahari Bushmen in Africa continues to utilize a unique strategy when hunting their prey. Without access to the modern resources which the modern man has become accustomed to, the Bushmen resort to a hunting technique in which they physically run down their prey to the point of exhaustion.

This hunting technique, referred to as persistence hunting, is perhaps the very first form of hunting and has most likely practiced by our ancestors, hominids, before the invention of projectile weapons. The procedure is simply yet seemingly impossible to comprehend. Rather than attacking an antelope with a gun or spear from a distance, the hunter will chase after his prey in the midday sun. Depending on the conditions of the day, these fit hunters will run down an antelope for about 2 to 5 hours in temperatures that average between 104 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit. The hunt is not a sprint but rather a marathon of endurance. Although the antelope will quickly burst out of sight upon being chased the hunter is able to track it at a fast enough pace that the antelope will never have enough time to rest before the hunter catches up. In this fashion, the antelope is repeatedly chased and tracked down until it is physically too exhausted to continue running and collapses to the ground in defeat. The hunter then kills it at very close range with a spear.

To the modern man, living in America, the task of walking to the car in 108 degrees Fahrenheit seems daunting and chasing down an antelope seems simply absurd. It is hard to believe that it was necessary for our ancestors to rely on their physical fitness to stay alive. In an environment in which men provide for themselves by sitting at a desk and the most exercise they receive each day is when they move their fingers to type on their computer there is little wonder why men have become seriously out of shape.

mens health and fitness

Many men’s health and fitness current status is a legitimate concern. Regular exercise is a vital necessity for a healthy life and neglect in this important aspect can lead to serious health problems and a shorter life span.

There are thousands of men’s health and fitness trainers that will promise you that they possess the unique and best solution to get you in peak physical shape. Yet, the fact is that the key to any physical fitness program is your own personally determination and motivation. Some ways in which you can help overcome the obstacles that prevent you from accomplishing your fitness goals is to try and make exercise less boring and mundane and rather select an exercise plan that is quick, fun, and offers a different variety each time. A second key to a life of regular exercise is setting reasonable standards. We may have evolved to the point that we can put a man on the moon but for some reason we lack the logic to understand that the men competing for the title of The Strongest Man in the World did not achieve those massive biceps after only a week of lifting dumbbells. Rather than giving up before you start, set realistic goals and understand that there is no quick solution to health and fitness.

The choice to being more healthy and fit does not have to consume your entire life. Rather than making excuses and getting overwhelmed, simply make the concise decision to exercise for 3 to 4 hours a week and make healthier food decisions.  I guarantee that you will be healthier, happier because of it. Perhaps you may even feel the urge to chase down an antelope during your lunch break.