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Why some men choose a life without children?

Why some men choose a life without children?

The Birth rate in the developed world drops rapidly. And the gap between those who choose a life without children and those who prefer parenthood grows fast and furious.

Those men -and even more women- who choose not to have children are stigmatized and condemned harshly by those who belong to the PTA. Of course, the “child-free” folks are just as harsh on the parenthood advocates.

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But what drives a man towards the decision of not having kids?

Not all men want to become fathers. Some of them can’t, even though there are plenty of fertility treatments and options out there- but many of them just choose a path away from fatherhood. This doesn’t mean those men hate children, not even that they dislike them; more often than not, these men do like children, they just don’t want to have children on their own; which can be pretty reasonable. What are those reasons?

Well, as you can imagine, the reasons are very personal and vary with each individual but when you try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, you might realize there are several reason that can make a man choose a “childless” life.

  • Freedom.
    If you are a parent, chances are, this doesn’t seem like a good reason to you. But for many people out there, having a child is equals a limits and lose of freedom. Changing Friday-night parties and social gatherings for diapers and sleepless nights full of crying and worry, are not very appealing to many men. Also, the world is full of possibilities, fascinating places to discover and thrilling risks to take; for those men who are eager to explore these things, having a child is pretty much the same as being in a cage.
  • Economy.
    But not all men are afraid of losing their freedom. Some of them are afraid or losing their economical stability and/or failing to provide it for their family and children. Let’s face it, we are living difficult times; recession affected almost everyone and the gap between the rich and the poor gets wider every day, middle class is disappearing and with it, some of its traditional values that today are deemed rather outdated. The American dream is no longer a suburban life of white picket fences. Now, we want to make it big and have it all or on the other hand, we want to make it through the end of the week. In both cases, a child seems like a risk we cannot afford.
  • Childhood trauma.
    As we dig deeper into human consciousness, we find that many men had childhood experiences that were strong enough to prevent them from looking forward to have their own children. Whether they had difficult childhoods or just dull family dynamics, they might have no interest or feel rather aversion towards the idea of being a father.
  • Comfort.
    Now, back to a more “shallow” approach, some people just refuse to give up the comfort of a home full of silence, baby-safe modifications, toys and other children appealing gear. They don’t want to change their sports car for an SUV, their cocktail parties for Sunday-morning, alcohol-free brunches for 2 year olds and their parents. And they definitely don’t want to give away the poker nights with bourbon and cigars for bed time stories and lunch-packing for the next day at school. It could be considered selfish by many people, but who can blame them? We are not here to judge. And to be honest I do enjoy sleeping past 11:00 AM on Sundays without worrying about finding crayon graffitis on the walls when I wake up.
  • Infertility.
    For some men, things are not that simple. They made the choice of having a life without children because in rare cases, despite of all the efforts infertility cannot be effectively treated. Nevertheless, there’s always hope and the chances to succeed increase if you seek for the help from an expert who specializes in infertility.
  • Success & Self-actualization.
    With the massive amounts of information at reach and the endless options the world has to offer for us; new experiences, professional and personal growth, creative development and smashing success. Although for some people, having children is synonym of all these things for others a kid it’s just an obstacle to achieve their goals. Hence, they consider a life without daughters and sons a bless and an opportunity to actively pursue and achieve their goals.
  • Environmental consciousness.
    You might have not considered this before but, have you considered how detrimental to the environment it is to raise a child? Diapers, pacifiers, plastic toys, zippy cups, baby bottles, and this is just the beginning, not to mention overpopulation. Your environmental footprint grows exponentially bigger when you have a child. Of course, you can always make up for it in other ways but it’s safe to say that children are not the greenest choice people can make, and you know, some men really care about the environment.

    Whether you choose to have children or not, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your decision and aim to keep your health in top notch condition. If you already decided you are not having kids, and want to make sure things remain that way, you can contact Dr. Harry Fisch, a vasectomy specialist who has expertise in the most non-invasive ways of granting you a future without children. If au contraire, you’ve undergone  a vasectomy procedure and you’ve change you mind and wish to have your own kids you can reach out to an expert vasectomy reversal Dr. New York is full of possibilities and great physicians specialized in men’s health. Contact Dr. Fisch calling at (212) 879-0800.

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