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The Case of the Purloined Sperm

The Case of the Purloined Sperm

A Texas man claims his ex-girlfriend stole his sperm to make a baby without his knowledge. Now he’s suing the fertility clinic that used the sperm without his consent, according to news reports.

Joe Pressil filed suit against Advanced Fertility Center of Texas because he claims his former girlfriend underwent invitro fertilization at the facility in 2006 using his sperm without him knowing.

Pressil said he did not plan on having any children, but was told several months after breaking up with the woman that she was pregnant with twins.

After the twin boys were born, the woman sued him for child support. He is currently paying $800 to the mother, whom he claims was an exotic dancer.

He said he found out about the scheme after the fertility clinic sent a receipt to his address with his name listed as a patient.

“For a man it’s very terrifying, particularly if you’re not planning to have a family. Any woman, I guess, could go and do this if they’re in a relationship,” Pressil’s attorney told Click2Houston.

This isn’t the first a woman has taken what wasn’t hers.

A U.K. Daily Mail columnist admitted to stealing her boyfriend and former husband’s sperm several times in attempts to get pregnant. In the end she never got pregnant.

Lesson for men: Be vigilant about where you keep your sperm.

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