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Male Birth Control

Male Birth Control

At the moment the only non-surgical birth control option for men is a condom.

The reason for this dearth of options isn’t, as some have suggested, because most contraceptive researchers are men and men don’t want to be bothered with any type of contraception. 

I mean, c’mon…it’s not like condoms are so perfect!  If an easier, more effective method of preventing pregnancy and STDs were available, I suspect guys would line up for it (provided the price was right, of course.)

The problem with creating a male contraceptive along the lines of a pill is that it’s a heck of a lot easier to try to manipulate or thwart the one egg a woman normally releases each month than the hundreds of millions of sperm a guy produces every single day. Even if a male birth control method was 99% effective in killing or blocking sperm, that would still leave more than a million of the little soldiers in each ejaculate.

That said, research into a male contraceptive is a very active field. The most promising approach, ironically, involves using high doses of testosterone. That’s right. The big T.

The hormone many guys think will make them sexual supermen. Not. Boosting testosterone artificially, even to so-called “normal” levels, may increase libido, but it will also shut down your body’s sperm-making machinery.

Current research is looking at injections of a combination of testosterone and another sex hormone, progesterone. In parts of Europe and Canada, clinical trials are currently taking place to test the effectiveness and safety of this combination.

But clearly, a method involving injections isn’t going to be very popular. And this type of contraception would do nothing to protect a man (or woman) from sexually transmitted diseases.

So, for the time being, condoms are a guy’s best friend—unless you’re finished with having children or know, positively, that you don’t want children. In that case, getting a vasectomy is, by far, your best option.

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