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Male birth control?

Male birth control?

What about male birth-control pills? We keep hearing about research, but then nothing ever seems to happen-what’s going on?

Don’t hold your breath. It turns out that it’s a heck of a lot easier to try to manipulate or thwart the one egg a woman normally releases each month than the hundreds of millions of sperm a guy produces every single day. Even if a method is 99 percent effective in killing or blocking sperm, that would leave more than a million little guys in each ejaculate ready and raring to go in their effort to impregnate a woman.

That said, research into a male contraceptive is moving ahead. The most promising approach, rather ironically, involves using high doses of testosterone. That’s right; testosterone at above normal levels shuts down the sperm-making machinery.

Current research is looking at injections of a combination of testosterone and another sex hormone, progesterone. In parts of Europe and Canada, clinical trials are testing the effectiveness and safety of this combination. But clearly, a method involving injections isn’t going to be very popular. And this type of contraception would do nothing to protect a man (or woman) from sexually transmitted diseases.

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