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Six must-have cosmetics for men

Six must-have cosmetics for men

What do Tom Hanks, Robert Downey Jr. and Dane Cook have in common?

They’ve all turned to grooming techniques synonymous with women to look great on and off the screen. But having a picture perfect face isn’t just for movie stars. Many men use beauty products like makeup and facial cleansers. Maybe you should too.

If you’re in need of some things to battle your insanely dry skin, drooping eye bags or latest acne breakout, you might not want to talk about it either. Well, invest in a makeup bag good sirs because here are some makeup bits you can use on the down low… and no one will know.

Pre-Shave Scrub

J.Paul, $28

Let’s ease into this, shall we? A facial scrub is a basic for digging out all the grime in your pores, but if the idea of using one is too out of the norm for you, at least try something like a pre-shaving scrub. This kind will smooth over your skin for a closer and cleaner shave.


Clinique for Men, $22

Feeling better about the whole man makeup concept? Then go into the men’s section of Sephora — there is indeed a men’s section — and pick up a tube of moisturizer. You’ve probably already been using it in some form or another. That’s how essential it is. You should find one with at least a little SPF in it to protect your face from the sun, but not so much that it’ll turn you Albino.


Kiehl’s, $22.50

If it’s good enough for the ‘Jersey Shore’ boys, it’s good enough for you. Other than tanning booths with their cancerous rays, bronzer is pretty much your only option for maintaining that Miami beach glow. As long as you apply it evenly, everyone will think you just came back from vacation.

Anti-Redness Primer

L’Oreal, $12.99

When women are afflicted with red, flushed skin, they don’t ignore it. And why would you when half your face is the shade of red Gatorade? A simple primer will take care of this and you don’t have to spend lots of money on it either. L’Oreal has one for cheap that you can pick up at a local drug store.

Under-Eye Cream

Dr. Brandt, $85

You don’t have to be Marc Jacobs to know how to use under-eye cream (and yes, the man is a firm believer in this makeup regime). Everyone wants to look younger — that one’s a no brainer — and what simpler way to help combat aging than with a solid age-reversing serum for those wrinkles under your eyes?

Concealers and Skin Enhancers

Yves Saint Laurent,$42

When you’re playing your manly games like paint ball and Modern Warfare, camouflage is your best friend. In terms of your face, the dark circles are the enemy and enhancers like these from Yves Saint Laurent are your camo. Don’t be fooled by the name. While it’s main purpose is to enhance the skin’s complexion (get it? It’s in the name) this will also hide those dark circles you get from staying up too late playing Xbox. We should know.

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