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Lubricant use among women highlighted in study

Lubricant use among women highlighted in study

A new study came out to help respond to the misconceptions of lubricant use, especially with women. The University of Arkansas and Indiana University produced a study comprised of 2,451 women from the ages of 18 to 68, with the average age being 32.69. Of those surveyed, around three-quarters of them had purchased lubricant in the past four weeks, in places including drug stores, large discount stores, and sex shops.

The majority of the women had positive views regarding lubricant use. About 96% believed that lubricants made sex more comfortable and 94% felt that lubricants made sex more pleasurable.

It is common for any aged woman to prefer the sex to feel wet when engaging in sexual activities and most believed their partners agreed. Lubricant also helps women reach an organism easier.

Those who did not prefer lubricants claim that they made sex too wet or sticky.

During this study, it was also found that the perception of Americans is that sex should last a long time. A concern for women is that they will not be able to produce enough natural lubrication for the entire period. Additional lubrication may be needed and preferred in these situations.

These figures can help the healthcare industry, including providers and sex health educators better understand women’s feelings toward lubricant use. It can also provide information to guide patients and correct general misconceptions about lubrication.

Some women are of the idea that lubricant is only used by old women. Others believe that there must be something naturally wrong with a woman who needs the assistance of lubricant during sexual activity. Instead, this study shows that lubricants are very popular among women of all ages and are a well-received tool to help make sexual activity more enjoyable. This will hopefully help many women feel less self conscious about using lubricants in the future.

This study was published online in The Journal of Sexual Medicine in December.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine

Jozkowski, Kristen N., PhD, et al

“Women’s Perceptions about Lubricant Use and Vaginal Wetness During Sexual Activities”

(Full-text. Published online: December 4, 2012)

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