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How can I lower my risk of prostate cancer?

How can I lower my risk of prostate cancer?

Cancer risk is connected to things you can change. The steps I outline below may help reduce your risk of prostate cancer, and they may reduce your risk of other cancers and heart disease, too!

Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. A diet high in fruits and vegetables has been linked to a lower risk of various kinds of cancer. Foods high in folate, a B vitamin found in spinach, asparagus and some beans, may be helpful. (Note, however, that taking supplements of a related compound — folic acid — have actually been shown to increase risk of prostate cancer.)

Choose healthy foods and eat in moderation. The main thing is to avoid a lot of highly processed, high-carb, high-sugar food. Skip the junk food, soft drinks and candy. Go for fresh, natural, whole grain products. Some foods that seem particularly helpful in preventing prostate cancer are:

  • Cold-water fish like salmon and herring
  • Soy products and other beans
  • Green tea
  • Foods high in vitamin D such as cheese and egg yolks (talk to your doctor to see if a vitamin D supplement is recommended)

Drink alcohol in moderation. Generally, this means no more than 2 drinks a day for men. Studies show that regular heavy drinking increases the risk of aggressive prostate cancer.

Exercise. Do some form of aerobic exercise for 30 minutes or more a day.

You may have heard news reports about certain medications that may reduce prostate cancer risk. Medicines such as some anti-cholesterol drugs, or drugs like Finasteride (used to treat a noncancerous enlargement of the prostate) may, in fact, prove beneficial.

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