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The Low Down On The Male Biological Clock

The Low Down On The Male Biological Clock

The years have crept by, through which you’ve on and off teased at the idea of teaching a little version of yourself all you know about this here world you’re living in. Maybe you hadn’t found the right woman. Maybe the time just never really felt right. Or maybe you’ve been battling with male infertility for long enough that you’ve just stopped trying. Whatever the case, it’s time for you to make a decision. Because the evidence is piling up that men too have a deadline on having kids, just like women. It’s right around the age of 40 and the consequences are more than just infertility. The longer you wait, the riskier it becomes. Here’s what you need to know about the male biological clock, and why infertility might not be a good enough reason for you to give up on having a child.

What Are The Risks

Researchers have linked autism, schizophrenia, Apert’s syndrome and a number of other developmental and mental disorders to the age of the children’s parents when they conceived their kids. One study at Columbia University found that a man’s age can influence the probability of his partner having a miscarriage. They found that even if the woman is healthy, that the older the man is the higher the likelihood of a problem with the birth.

There’s Probably Still A Lot We Don’t Know

Bear in mind that this is only beginning to become common knowledge. Traditionally most believed that birth defects were predominantly due to defects with the woman. As a result, many researchers are suggesting that we will soon learn more about the risks of birth defects due to the age of the father. As researchers continue to release more data, we will likely come to link numerous other lifelong illnesses and disorders to this variable.

Why Does This Happen

You could likely guess the majority of the issues. An older man simply does not produce sufficient quantities of the various hormones that are necessary to produce a healthy child. Testosterone and estrogen production decreases. Meanwhile, FSH and LH increases, both of which can result in infertility for men and women alike. Also, most men’s ability to produce sperm does not change with age, his ability to release it efficiently and effectively decreases.

Why Infertility Shouldn’t Discourage You

So now that we’ve established that there is indeed a timeline with which you’re working, even though you’re a man, it’s time we talked about your infertility. If you’ve tried conceiving in the past but have had no luck, that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for you. The most common cause of male infertility is that he has a varicocele. In the majority of cases, men don’t even notice until they receive a medical exam. But this is something that’s easily reversed with a minimally invasive surgical procedure. The procedure is called varicocele repair. You can get the best available care in New York City from Dr. Harry Fisch.

So if you’ve dealt with infertility, just know that there’s probably a way around it. So don’t let that discourage you if you’ve had plans of having children. But, if you’ve been putting it off for some time now, it’s time to get moving on scheduling your varicocele repair while you’re still young. To schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Fisch’s office today at 212-879-0800.


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